Ethnics of Kutch presents Iconic Kutchchhi Ethnic and Traditional Block Printed Mashru Silk Skirt -/cotton material, Garba Skirt, with rich and traditional looks. This is the piece of Kutchi art and handicraft Art lovers and Garba revelers would yearn for. This Garba Skirt Chaniya is made of Mashru Silk /cotton material which is unique of Woven fabric having cotton feeling inside and Silk Texture outside, typically woven in Kutch and Patan Districts of Gujarat by Artisans trained over generations. Mashru Silk fabric is then hand block printed in vivid designs. This Garba Skirt comes into Extra Large Spread ( Gher) . This Garba Skirt can be used in Garba Navratri Festivals as well on any occasions and for use in day to day outing. Thus, it doubles up as Garba Skirt ( Chaniya) for Navratri and Skirt for occasional wear.