Ethnics of Kutch Cambric Cotton Gadhwal Weaving - Block Print -Cambric Cotton DRESS MATERIAL EK-DRM-0027 Chocolate (2.25 mt Top 2.25 mt Bottom 2.25 mt Dupatta)

Ethnics Of Kutch

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Ethnics of Kutch presents Kutchhi Hand Block Print Cotton Dress Material. Kutchhi Hand Block Print is an Art mastered by Kutchhi Artisan to create Vivid Beautiful Designs with the help of intricately carved wooden block. The Gadhwal Golden Thread Weave on the fabric and its patter renders it unique rich look. A Fabric is laid flat across the length and Block is soaked in to Dyes and rapidly thumped on it across the length with uniform space. It needs mastery in Hand Printing so that Block Print resembles uniform pattern. Fabric is then laid out on open ground and allowed to dried off. In case of Natural Dye, Fabric is washed off in the pond to get rid of residual paste of natural dye and fixing the colour. The cotton Fabric make it a comfort wear for all seasons and occasions The perfect imperfactions of block print makes it stand out of the machine and screen printed fabrics and renders it unique appeal this Traditional Ethnic Wear.

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