Kutchhi Handmade Bells Metal Handicrafts

Bells/Wind Chimes - Kutch Handicraft Handcasted Metal Alloy Melodious Deep Ringing Bells


  • One of the 27 different traditional art forms of Kutch region of Gujarat

  • The artisans and the art is believed to have descended from Sindh in Pakistan centuries ago with Nomads migrating into Kutch region along with their cattle and art

  • Villages Kunaria, Zura and Nirona are hub of this art and artisans

  • These bells are generally prepared from the scrap Iron or Tin, thus this craft makes excellent utility and art from nothing through Creativity.

  • Iron is cut and mould into cylindrical shape with hammering, then upon hollow cylindrical shape, crown is made and same is hammered with cylinder.

  • Thus the bell is ready, but it is hammered gently from various directions till bottom rim of the bell is so molded that it produces desired sound.

  • This requires deeply trained ears and hands, to mould the bell such as to produces sweet melodious sound

  • One moulded, bells are soaked in the liquid solution of brass and copper and wet bell is covered with Mud

  • Then, the coated and mud covered bells are kept into the furnace for few hours to make bells alloyed with covered metals.

  • Sesham ringer is then attached inside the bell as a ringer.

  • The sound of Kutchhi Hand Crafted bell is very unique, given the craft of moulding them in a such a manner.

  • The sound of Handcasted bell can be easily differentiated from machine made bells and sound of none of the machine made bells can come parallel to the sweetness and depth of this Handcasted bell



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