Collection: Hand Embroidery- KAJARI

  • CRAFT : Mochi Work , Aahir Work , Rabari Work
  • MATERIAL : Cotton
  • UNIQUE FEATURE : Mochi ( Cobbler Stitch) Work Hand Embroidery is unique, fine and colour ful hand embroidery pursued by artisans of Kutch regionMATERIAL : Cotton ,Rabari embroidery gets its name from Rabari community. Speciality of Rabari Embroidery is characterized by dense stitches of colourful thread embedding mirrors. Varied colours of thread are used and designs are inspired by mythology and desert habitation ,Mirrors are Embroidered with Fine and Colourful Hand Embroidery in closely knit pattern, done by Aahir Community Women of Kutch – popularly known as Kutchhi Aahir Work
  • Learn more about : AHIR WORK - Hand Embroidery ,RABARI EMBROIDERY 
Hand Embroidery- KAJARI