• Introduction:
Mashru is the simple yet striking of Indian fabric. Mashru is a vibrant and sleek fabric, and often called the master of satin finishes. Mashru word means ‘Permitted’ in Arabic. This fabric hails from West Asia around 19th century. Eventually, Mashru was handcrafted with a medly of plush silk on the outside and soothing cotton on the inside. Mashru is now made in looms, rather than handcrafted, as it has become an expensive business. The fabric is an integral part of the wardrobe of Kutch Nomads. Nowadays, only weavers from the small towns of Gujarat practice this craft.
Silk on the outer surface has a glossy appearance, the cotton yarns on the back side, soak sweat and keep the wearer feeling cool in warm weather conditions; thus making this luxurious fabric, of practical utility. Craftsmen have developed new designs by tie-dyeing the fabric, and using Bandhani technique. Traditionally used in garments, Mashru is also used for making quilts, cushions and bags.
  • Designs:
  • Khajuria- It’s a type of chevron pattern, with series of conical lines throughout the length of the fabric.
  • Kankani- In this pattern hatched lines, it seems as if series of dots has been laid on the fabric.
  • Danedar- This pattern involves floats of cotton weft, with carefully chosen colors of warp and weft; it gives a sublime touch to the fabric.
  • Mamul- Mamul pattern combines straight stripes with hatched lines at periodic spacing.
  • Khanjari- This pattern includes wavy lines attained through ikat dyeing of weft.
  • Mohini- This pattern incudes various different colors with combination of all above mentioned patterns.
  • Materials: Silk and Cotton fibre, Natural Colors, Rice flour paste used as glazing agent, Water, Shaal (a type of pit loom), Puchado (small brushes), Shuttle (Streamlined pointed wooden apparatus), Yarn Winder, Charkha.
Thank You for Patronizing Arts and Crafts of Kutch and the craftsmen of the Kutch.
May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.

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