AHIR WORK - Hand Embroidery

  • Introduction:
Ahir Embroidery draw its name from Ahirs, which is nomadic community in Kutch and it is characterized by unique set of stitches and techniques.
Ahir is one of the many communities practicing characteristic Hand Embroidery Work in Kutch.  Other Communities being Rabari, Sodha, Mochi, Meghwar, Garasia Jat, Marwada Harijan, Rajput etc; each having their signature sews and style of Embroidery that distinguish the stitches from the rest.
  • Embroidery Style:

Ahir embroidery is a rhythmic row of embroidered patterns, circular mirrors encircled with stitches enriching the fabric. The bright colors of the threads and glittering pieces of mirrors embellish fabric, and it is a feeling of grandeur appeal to every soul and remains in heart. There is an outline stitch, filling and pattern stitches that goes in Ahir embroidery. It is all hand stitched and time taking.


  • Materials: Fabric-Cotton & Silk, Needle, Threads & mirrors, Tracing sheet, Tailor machine (To pierce & create outlines), Scale & Pencil, Color mixture.
  • Process:
  • The desired design is drawn on the tracing sheet.
  • The tracing sheet is given dotted outlines using tailor machine.
  • The sheet is placed on the desired fabric and a color mixture specially made for it is applied on it to transfer design onto it.
  • With the help of these outlines’ embroidery begins using bright color threads and sometimes mirrors are added to make the fabric more attractive.
  • Applications and Products:

Ahir Embroidery Fabric can be used for home decor, clothing, and other utilities. Typical Products: Tablecloth beneath glass, Blouse, Yoke and Borders for Ethnic Wear, Handbags, Sling Bags, Dolls, Purses, Torans, women accessories, etc.

Most of the designs are inspired by mythology and desert habitation. It is an interesting collaboration of style, design, and colors.
Thank You for Patronizing Art and Crafts and the Artisans of the Kutch.
May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.

Khanjan Mankad
  M: 9426813531