AARI WORK - Hand Embroidery

  • Introduction:
Aari work has always been considered as one of the longest forms of needle work. In 12th century, the Mughals were fascinated with the designs in that period and popularized and brought Aari work in limelight.
A pen like needle which resembles the beautiful shapes of a crochet needle, gives rise to an intrinsic form of artwork named the “Aari Work”. The needle is named as Aari, from which the embroidery work derives its name as Aari Work. In this artwork beads and ‘muthia’, a sharp-edged needle is put to work, which creatively gives rise to chain stitch kind of imprints. This work is popular for its threadwork which is done very finely and delicately. The thread work enhances the essence of hand embroidery.
  • Tools and Materials:
  • Scissors, Aari Needle, Colorful beads and stones, Fabric gum, Zari, Gold or Silver thread.
  • Bright check is a two-part thread containing of a central core wire, with a coiled wire around it.
  • Bullion or purl thread is also a type of wire wound into tight coil that looks like a strand of gold pearls.
  • Process:
  • Firstly, fabric is stretched and tied to a frame to remove loose folds.
  • Then the design is traced on the fabric with the help of pencil or chalk.
  • After tracing the design, embroidery is done with the combination of golden and colorful thread. Aari needle is pushed through the fabric and thread from the reverse side is hooked in the needle, pulled out from the upper side.
  • The needle is again inserted in the fabric a little distance away from the previous pierce and pulls the thread out locking the previous stitch. This process is continued till the pattern is formed on the fabric. Once the design is embroidered, the fabric is tied to the reverse side and fabric glue is applied on the design to strengthen the stitch so that the threads do not get loose or come out.
  • Products: The designs are embroidered on blouse pieces, dress materials, sarees and churidar. The embroidery gives the products royal look and richness of hand work.
This art is practiced almost every part of India with their own traditional designs touch. Aari work is one of the most famous and well-known arts of India from way back of time.
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May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.

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