Collection: Kutchhi Hand Embroidery & Ajrakh Print Shawls

  • CRAFT : Mutva ,Neran,Aahir,Fine Hand Embroidery Work
  • MATERIAL : Acrylic Wool
  • SIZE : 210 cms Length x 90 cms Width
  • UNIQUE FEATURE : MUTVA Embroidery is characterized by very tiny stitches and equally tiny mirrors. It is kind of miniature embroidery which make look as it is studded with diamonds. Practices by Mutva Community Crafts Women from Banni.Neran meaning "EYE BROWS" is a unique style of Kutchhi Embroidery practiced by Rabari s of Kutch, which adopts buttonhole stitch in the shape of a curve. Neran Work form Typical Geometric Triangular Motifs ( Patterns),This Product is Embordered with Fine and Colourful Hand Embroidery done by Aahir Community Women of Kutch – popularly known as Kutchhi Aahir Work