JAT Embroidery


As per belief JAT community is migrated from western Asia to India years ago. There are four subgroups like Garasiya Jat, Fakirani Jat, Hajeeyani Jat and Dhaneta Jat.            

All have their own Jat embroidery with some little difference. Garasiya Jat is

more famous from others.


  • Materials:
  • Thick, rough Cotton material
  • Special Needle
  • Small Aabhlas or Mirrors
  • Silk Thread and Embroidery Thread


  • Process:
  • The cotton threads are inserted in the eye of the needle.
  • They use double thread for this embroidery.
  • Thick cotton material is used for Jat embroidery. Artisan do embroider by counting thread of material.
  • Very small and fine cross stiches are made for its design.
  • Artisans do squares and rectangles for build their geometric designs.



  • Varieties: In Jat embroidery only small pieces or yokes embroider by artisan.


  • Patterns: Most of embroidery is inspired by artisans’ customs and lifestyle. Jat embroidery is made by artisans’ own inner skill. They have not ready designs.so every piece of Jat may be vary but it always show the excellence of artisans.



Thank You for Patronizing Arts and Crafts of Kutch and the craftsmen of the Kutch.


May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.


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