• Introduction:
The roots of these two styles Kambiro and Khudi Tebha can be traced to the traditional practice of recycling old clothes where in the simple running stitch was used join pieces of fabric that still had some life left in them.So neatly and uniformly did the women embroider the functional running stitch, that as time passed and generations, it’s emerged as a decorative element with the potential to create elaborate motifs and designs and gave rise to two distinct embroidery styles Kambiro and Khudi Tebha.
Gradually, another design detail created by using the stain stitch in silken floss also become an integral part of these styles.
Craft women of the Haleputra and Marvada harijan communities embroider these styles on household items, However it is the quiets that showcase the most innovative expressions of the transformed running stitch.
Haleputra crafts women have gone a step further with their innovations. Their signature quilts combine distinctive patch work with Kambiro and Khudi tebha hand work.

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May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.

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