MUTWA WORK - Hand Embroidery

    Mutwa is a Muslim caste who came from region of Sindh-Pakistan and settled in desert region of Kutch “Banni”. One of their sect is also known as Maldhari.
    Mutwa work is embroidered by women of the Mutwa caste. In old times, women of this caste were not go out from the house anywhere unless there was an emergency. Because of their lifestyle they live at home all the time. They use their spare time to do embroidery and make decorative pieces for house or Wedding dresses for self or their daughters.
    • Fabric: Any type of fabric can use for the embroidery.
    • Needle
    • Tiny Aabhlas or Mirrors
    • Embroidery Silk Threads (Now days they use all kind of Threads)
    • The threads are inserted in the eye of the needle.
    • Extra threads are cut using scissors.
    • The threads are interlaced around the round mirror through the needle.
    • Threads are pulled tightly for the perfection.
    • Mirror and cloth are looped together using thread to do the mirror work. The mirrors are interlocked completely with the threads.
    Toran, Scarfs, Mutwa shawls, Kapadu or kanchali (backless blouse), Paheranu (wrapped skirt), A Ghagharo (stitched skirt), Traditional Bridal dress, Handbags, Bed covers, Camel
    Patterns: Many designs are inspired by mythology and desert habitation. It is an interesting collaboration of three embroiderieat the Pakko, Soof and Aari along with tiny mirrors. They create such pieces the people are amazed.
    It is said that in the old days they were commissioned to do the work on the Royal robs of Rajas and Maharajas..
    Thank You for Patronizing Arts and Crafts of Kutch and the craftsmen of the Kutch.
    May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.

                                                                        Khanjan Mankad
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