SOOF - Hand Embroidery

  • Introduction:

    Soof literally means “Neat and Clean”.  Soof Embroidery is done by the Sodha, Rajput and Meghwal communities who migrate from Pakistan during the 1971, Ind-Pak war and settled in Zura, Sumrasar, Fragper and surrounding border villeges of Banas kantha.

    It is also known as ‘Sodha Barat’ or ‘Sindhi embroidery’.


    Embroidery Style:

    In Soof embroidery artisan create mostly Geometric motifs by using small “Triangles”. Sometimes they use designs of Flowers, Peacock and Mandalas. Its V-shaped designs called “ Leher” or “wave”.Their triangle patterns are highly stylised. Stylised Flower and Figure designs convey wishes of Fertility and Prosperity for the Newlyweds.
    Materials: Fabric-Cotton, Specially rough cotton like kala cotton which have little gap in warp and west yarn , Needle, Threads & mirrors, Color mixture.


    • Process:
    • In Soof embroidery artisan make motifs with Satin-Stich directly on clothes without drawings.
    • They create designs by themselves with their own creativity.
    • Artisan create piece on the fabric by counting Warp and West yarns.
    • Mirror work is not regular part of Soof embroidery but sometimes it looks very beautiful. So artisan make designs with mirrors too.
    • To do detailed and minute Soof work, artisan must have keen eyesight, mathematics and geometry knowledge.
    • It creates so neat and clean so people often do mistake it as Machine embroidery.


    • Applications and Products:

    Soof Embroidery Fabric can be used for home decor, clothing, and other utilities. Typical Products: Tablecloth beneath glass, Blouse, Yoke and Borders for Ethnic Wear, Handbags, Sling Bags, Dolls, Purses, Torans, Bedspreads, women accessories, etc.

    Most of the designs are inspired by mythology and desert habitation. It is an interesting collaboration of style, design, and colors.

    Thank You for Patronizing Art and Crafts and the Artisans of the Kutch.

    May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.