Kutch Mudwork Lippan Art

 Lippan Kaam ( Mud Work) Mirror and Clay Decorative Art from Master Artisans of Kutch


  • One of the 27 different traditional art forms of Kutch region of Gujarat
  •  Each artwork usually starts by using the Clay dough to first create lines that define the boundary of the artwork.
  • Motifs are then created in bas-relief (sculpture in which the figures project slightly from the background) mostly freehand by memory by using palms and fingers pinching and shaping the mud mixture.
  • The motifs are inspired from the rich and famous embroidery patterns.
  • The mirrors used are called aabhla and come in various shapes – round, diamond & triangular.
  • After the clay dries off in about 4-5 days, a layer of white clay is painted over the artwork.
  • The white comes from the sand of this marshland that is rich in salt content.
  • Though the authenticity of Lipan Kaam lies in a completed piece that is all white or in shades of neutrals; bright colors like red and green are sometimes painted on the dried clay work
  • This craft has now Adapted for Durability. Base of Water Proof Plywood is used to lay out designs.
  • Mud is mixed with Fevicol like glue to provide some robustness
  • Thus the Art work is now more durable and washable
  • The beautiful mirror work, aesthetic designs and the exquisite choice of colors along with the touch of tradition has worked as a source of inspiration for this Mud Work Art.
  • Thus form excellent piece of decoration in your Home .


Thank You for Patronizing Arts and Crafts of Kutch and the craftsmans of the Kutch.


May the Traditions of our country live indefinitely, enriching our lives.

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