Collection: Assorted Collection of Dupattas

  • CRAFT : Bandhej and Ajrakh Printed with Natural Dye - Dual Crafted
  • MATERIAL : Modal Silk , Cotton , Mul Cotton, Dola Silk, Gaji Silk , Chanderi Silk ,Batik Print
  • UNIQUE FEATURE : Premium Ethnic Dupatta - Fine Ajrakh Hand Printed with Natural Dyes made out of Organic and In-Organic Natural substances like, Iron Rust, Indigo, Turmeric, Alizarin etc Printed. Skin and Eco Friendly. Involves very Intricate Fine Bandhej Work in Beautiful Pattern on Gaji Silk. Fabric is required to be dyed repeatedly for each colour involved after Bandhej work
  • Learn more about :AJRAKH HAND BLOCK PRINTING,Wax Batik Hand Block Printing